Windset supports B.C.’s food banks


In the summer of 2015 Windset Farms donated more than 60,000 pounds of produce to the local food banks and are on track to reach that target again this year.  Along with being able to distribute their surplus produce in a way that benefits the local community, they now also have a chance to recover some of the extra production and delivery costs thanks to the new ‘Farmers’ Food Donation Tax Credit’ announced earlier this year by BC’s Minister of Agriculture, Norm Letnick.

This 25 per cent non-refundable income tax credit is based on the fair market value of qualifying products grown or harvested in B.C.  It is effective for the 2016 to 2018 tax years and is meant to encourage farmers to donate some of the agricultural products they grow in B.C. to registered charities, food banks and school meal programs.  B.C. is now the third province in Canada to offer such a tax program to the agricultural industry.

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