BC Greenhouse Veggie Days

Greenhouse Tour Update

We will not be hosting the public tours, or educational school tours in 2024.  Details on future tours and events will be posted here as they become available.

Thank you to everyone who attended in the past and we look forward to hosting you in the future!  To learn more about our public and educational tours, please see below.




Learn how our greenhouses produce a range of other foods, from tomatoes to lettuces. Food is produced hydroponically with the plants growing in rockwool and biodegradable materials, such as sawdust and coconut fiber. Growers use a plastic sheet covering the soil to suppress weeds from growing up through the crops, while mites and predatory insects like ladybugs keep harmful pests at bay. Our greenhouses are responsible for 11 percent of B.C.’s total agriculture production, using only 0.01 percent of the province’s farmland.


These stationed tours are designed to make curriculum connections for food studies, culinary arts, sciences, careers, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Kids and youth will learn about energy cycles, integrated pest management, greenhouse-related careers, and grading produce for market and marketing.

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