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A glance at the BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association:

  • Number of member greenhouses: 55
  • Percentage of B.C.’s total greenhouse vegetables grown by our members: 96 percent
  • Total annual farm gate sales for BC greenhouses: More than $299 million
  • The estimated value of the sector to British Columbia’s economy: More than $699 million
  • Number of people employed: More than 3,500
  • The total amount of B.C.’s farmland used: 0.01 percent
  • Amount of herbicides used in greenhouses: None
  • Number of months we produce vegetables: 10 (some are available year-round using lights)
  • Size of fields needed to produce the same amount of vegetables grown in our greenhouses: 11,550 acres, more than eleven times the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park
  • Types of vegetables grown: many varieties of tomatoes including beefsteak, tomato on the vine and cocktail, sweet bell peppers, hot peppers, mini peppers, long English cucumbers, mini cucumbers, eggplants, butter lettuce and strawberrries


  • Distribution of vegetables in production:
    • Tomatoes: 28%
    • Long English cucumbers: 12%
    • Bell peppers: 56%
    • Other: 4%
  • Average number of plants per acre:
    • Tomatoes: 10,000
    • Cucumbers: 6,000
    • Peppers: 14,000
  • Average amount of vegetables produced using less space than your bathtub* takes up:
    • Tomatoes: 150 pounds
    • Cucumbers: 160 cucumbers
    • Peppers: 55 pounds
  • Amount of tomatoes produced by one of our greenhouses when setting the world record in 2002: 165 pounds per square meter.

*per square metre

Quick Facts
Quick Facts
Meet Your Veggies!
Meet Your Veggies!
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