Growing peppers is a family affair for the Moermans

The dream for many farmers is to create a legacy – a family business that can continue to prosper with the generations to follow. Traditionally, farms were inherited by default, but the practice of maintaining multigenerational farms is far less common today. Delta’s  microclimate of ocean breezes, reduced rainfall and increased sunshine attracted the Moerman […]

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Greenhouses still feeling impact of pipeline rupture

When the Enbridge T-south pipeline ruptured in Northern B.C. last October, who would have known or even guessed the impact to greenhouse vegetable farmers?  Everyone was glued to the evening news watching in awe and wondering how could something like this happen? The next day reality set in. Fortis BC issued a force majeure and […]

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BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association launches ‘Did You Know’ video series

So often people drive right by greenhouses not knowing what is going on behind the glass. Over the years, hundreds of questions have been asked related to carbon footprint, pollution and growing practices, which is why the BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association expanded its awareness campaign this year. For the past five years, BC Greenhouse Veggie Days has occurred every […]

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Greenhouse growers connect with teachers and students

    B.C. schools have been taking initiative to remove processed foods from their institutions. From educators to parents, a collective concern was expressed as children were eating unhealthy foods and growing disconnected from understanding how food is grown. To support these efforts, the BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association partnered with BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, a non-profit organization […]

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