WANTED: Greenhouse Assistant Grower

Westcoast Vegetables Ltd., located in Delta, British Columbia, is looking for an outstanding and committed Greenhouse Assistant Grower for our labour and growing operations in our 18-acre, long English cucumber greenhouse. 

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Veggie Days tour dispels greenhouse myths

Greenhouse vegetable operations can produce about five times as much per acre as compared to the same crop in a field.   Photograph By file So, you have passed by your neighbourhood vegetable greenhouse many times and wondered what is going on behind the screened or whitewashed walls. You missed your chance to experience and learn […]

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Value added packs grow SunSelect’s Outrageously Fresh line

As SunSelect’s BC season unfolds, it’s clear the Outrageously Fresh brand is about much more than its signature mason jar bags. While the colorful jar shaped bags of snacking tomatoes take the market by storm the grower has also introduced the distinctive Outrageously Fresh moniker successfully on more traditional packs in the height of BC […]

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Windset supports B.C.’s food banks

In the summer of 2015 Windset Farms donated more than 60,000 pounds of produce to the local food banks and are on track to reach that target again this year.  Along with being able to distribute their surplus produce in a way that benefits the local community, they now also have a chance to recover […]

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