Breakfast Burrito


4 flour tortillas, about 8 inches in diameter

1 cup Concerto™ Grape Tomatoes, halved

1 Maestro™ Sweet Bell Pepper, seeded and diced

8 eggs

1 tsp. kosher salt

2 Tbsp. cilantro, chopped

3 Tbsp. butter

1 ripe avocado, pitted, peeled and diced

1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, grated

¼ cup sour cream


Preheat oven to 350ºF.
Wrap tortillas in foil and warm in the oven.
Whisk together eggs, salt, peppers and 1 Tbsp. of cilantro.
In a large, nonstick skillet, melt butter over medium-low heat. Add egg mixture and cook, stirring until almost firm (about 4 minutes).
Add avocado and Concerto™ tomatoes on top of eggs and cook until just firm.
Spoon egg mixture down center of each tortilla. Top with cheese and sour cream. Sprinkle remaining cilantro over and fold.

You can also add slices of ham or crispy bacon to this easy wrap.

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