Lamb Ballantine with Pepper Duxelle


1 lg Lamb Shoulder, opened and flattened to 1/4″ with a meat mallet


6 slices of a fatty Proscuitto (duck or pork)

6 cloves Garlic confit (garlic cloves slow cooked in olive oil)

2 lg red or orange Peppers, de-seeded and small diced

1 shallot, small diced

handful brown Mushrooms, small diced

green olives, small diced

thyme leaves

rough chopped walnuts, lemon rind – optional flavors

extra fatty pieces of Lamb – optional filling

To make Stuffing:

Place 6 Garlic Confit with a spoon of the oil in a med-heat pan.

Crush garlic in pan and add small diced veggies and herbs (except walnuts).

Cook on med-low until all the moisture has released and cooked off. Add walnuts at the end.

Lay out Lamb flat on a large piece of plastic wrap.

Place prosciutto in a rectangle, slightly closer to one end. Also use extra to cover any holes or gaps.

Fill with spoonfuls of Stuffing.

Roll in the ends and extra length of Lamb until it becomes as tight as possible.

Wrap in Plastic wrap and keep in Fridge for one hour to set shape.

Remove from Fridge and tie end to end, and around, as much as needed to keep Ballotine shape intact during cooking.

TIP: Make 2 or 3 and freeze some for another meal!

TIP: The flatter the Lamb is tenderized to, the easier it will be to roll.

TIP: Use as many ties as needed!

TIP: To Sous Vide, prepare along with dinner the night before.

Once shaped, place your Ballotine in a vacuum seal bag and turn on the Sous Vide at 131dF for 20-24 hours. Be careful to top up water as needed.

Finish off on a hot pan to sear sides.

For stovetop cooking, heat some oil in a casserole pan on high (TIP: beef tallow has one of the best smoke point for high sears) and sear all sides to brown. Reduce heat to low, add a cup of heated stock, and cook covered for up to 60 mins. Check interior temperature for 131dF.

Rest for 10 minutes before cutting to serve!


6 cloves Garlic confit – with oil

Sliced Shallots

2 lg Roasted, peeled Red Peppers, de-seeded & rough chopped

2 cups quarter sliced Cherry Tomatoes

Chopped Olives

Rind and juice of 1 Lemon


Heat Garlic confit cloves and oil on medium. Add Sliced Shallots to cook to translucent. Add chopped Red Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes to cook soft. Add chopped Olives to soften slightly. Finish with the Lemon & Thyme.

TIP: For a smoother sauce, make ahead, puree and re-heat.

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