Seared Malvani Prawns with Charred Cucumber


Tiger prawns – 3 pcs
Unsalted Butter – 1 tbsp
Baby cucumber – 2 pcs
Cherry tomatoes – 50 gms
Melted butter – 20 ml

For prawns:
In a small pan add ½ tbsp malvani spice and butter, add prawn and gently cool it on medium heat.

Pickled cucumber:
In a small pot, pour in 30 ml white vinegar with ½ tbsp sugar, bring it to the simmer and remove from the heat lastly add thickly sliced cucumber.

Charred cucumbers:
In a small pan, add a touch of oil and let it heat on medium flame. Thick slice cucumber and add pinch of cumin powder. Hard sear the marinated cucumber and remove from the heat. Let it cool down and rest.

Pomegranate vinaigrette:
Pomegranate molasses – 30 ml
Lemon juice – 20 ml
Olive oil – 20 ml
Seasoning to taste

In a bowl or blender add the above ingredients and whisk or blend it vigorously.

Tomato foam:
In a small pot of boiling water blanch cherry tomatoes. In a blender add ½ tsp Aamchur powder and ½ tsp sugar and blanched tomatoes, add a touch of water to make it smooth liquid. use the same blender or hand blender to create foam.

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