Edith Gubiotti

Administration, Office Management, Compliance & Human Resources, SunSelect Farms

Edith has been part of SunSelect since her parents started the operation with a one-acre greenhouse in Abbotsford. With her parents’ retirement, Edith and her three brothers took over, running 70 acres in sweet bell pepper production from locations in Aldergrove and Delta.

For more than twenty years, Edith has been working directly on the farm or in the office. She is dedicated to investing in the growth and development of not just the business but, more importantly, the employees and their families, as SunSelect employs more than 140 people between the two BC locations.

Her favorite part of the year is when the new plants are delivered and planted. For Edith, it’s like spring in the middle of winter as the greenhouse is full of new seedlings that will start producing full, ripe, sweet bell peppers just in time for BC Veggie Day.

At SunSelect, the health and wellbeing of the communities they serve is evident in the operation’s advanced technologies that reduce environmental impact and contribute to the growth of healthy, nutritious vegetables through innovative pest management strategies. Edith believes that when the veggies and the business grows, so does the community! She truly believes local produce is the best produce because it’s so fresh. It can be available at the local grocery outlet less than 24 hours from when it was first plucked from the vine.

Our favourite thing to do with peppers is to cook them out on the grill. When they’re just charred on the outside they’re juicy and ripe on the inside and full of sweet deliciousness.
Edith Gubiotti

About SunSelect Farms

SunSelect was started by Gerhard and Louise Krahn in 1985. While traveling in Europe, Gerhard recognized the potential for greenhouse production in British Columbia and was excited about the sustainable benefits that the operations provided. He constructed a 1-acre hydroponic greenhouse (which was considered large at the time) to try his hand at growing bell peppers on what was then the family’s raspberry farm. The endeavor was a success and, close to three decades later, SunSelect now operates 70 acres of greenhouses in both Aldergrove and Delta. The farm is one of the largest greenhouse bell pepper producers in North America.

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