Pardeep Atwal

Grading Line Trainer, Atwal Farms

Pardeep has been part of Atwal Farms since she was a young girl, starting out picking berries and doing chores, then moving over to work in the cannery, where the berries are processed.

With the farm’s transition over to growing peppers, Pardeep has continued to be involved with many aspects of the operation. She trains people on the grading line, where the peppers are processed and then put into boxes.  Before that, she was in charge of clean-up, which involved pulling up the year’s previous crop and planting the new one.

Pardeep pitches in wherever help is needed around the farm. As she puts it, everybody wears a hat, everybody has a role and everyone has input.

Growing up living on a family farm was the best thing ever.
Pardeep Atwal

About Atwal Farms

Atwal Farms was formed by Jaswinder and Palmindar Atwal in 1984 in Abbotsford BC. The farm started with raspberries and then added the production of sweet bell peppers in 1998 with the addition of its first greenhouse. In 2012, Atwal Farms purchased another existing bell pepper greenhouse and, between the two locations, currently grows red, yellow and orange bell peppers.

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